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Parent/Infant Massage Instruction


The Art of Infant Massage   

   Massage for Happy Baby!

     This workshop is specially designed for mothers, fathers, grandparents and primary care-givers.  Massaging your baby is a beautiful way to begin a lifelong nurturing relationship. Learning the art of Infant Massage provides loving touch right from the start.  It may improve the quality of parenting skills and family life while promoting the well-being of your baby. When you practice infant massage you may:


     ~ Emotionally nourish your baby

     ~  Set the foundation for loving and compassionate communication with your child              

     ~  Learn techniques to help reduce gas and colic

     ~  Help strengthen and regulate the baby’s  primary systems                                        (respiratory,circulatory,nervous and gastrointestinal)

      ~  Aid in relaxation, helping to promote a restful sleep for both you and  your                    baby

          It is never too early or too late to begin massage. Whether your child is newborn or several years old,massage will always be beneficial! 






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