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Qi Gong

 Earth Qi Gong for Women

Awaken Your Inner Healing Power

     Qi Gong is also known as an energy moving exercise and was developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors over a thousand years ago.  There are many forms of Qi Gong. They can also be described as Taoist Yoga.

  Tina Chunna Zhang, a winner of two gold medals in Chinese martial arts, created Earth Qi Gong to address the unique needs of a women’s life cycles.

      They are gentle exercises, along with an awareness of abdominal breathing designed to strengthen the body, mind and spirit connections.  Its focus is to aid in prevention and alleviations of women’s health issues with the goal of balancing energy in the body’s various systems. It is suitable for girls and women of all ages (but not for pregnant women in their first trimester).

 There are eight sections:

    The Concentrated Mind: A Standing Posture for Cultivating Qi

    The Big Dipper: Opening the Seven Major Joints of the Body

    Deer Walk: Improving the Major Organs

    The Sun, the Moon and the Stars: Aiding the Digestive Systems

    Crane Dance: The Kidney Booster

    The Earth Energy: Cultivating Female Energy

    Dragon and Phoenix: Creating Pelvic Health and Helping the Liver

    The Spirit of Vitality: Bringing Out the Real Female Spirit

      Once learned, Earth Energy for Women takes about twenty minutes to practice.

                  Instructor certification received from Tina Chunna Zhang.

                       Pal Dan Gum "The Eight Silken Movements"

These 8 movements are "acu-exercises" that help balance the energy channels. They are simple stretches which can be done by anyone almost anywhere. They help to improve posture and general health, and increase body-mind awareness. 

                    Avra is available to teach privately or for groups. 









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